Customised Swarowski Antlers

The Vintage Chandelier Company has introduced a new range of customised Roe, Deer and Stag Head skulls with Antlers.  They are available in all different sizes and styles and are made to order to meet your requirements.  Each set of antlers are ethically sourced and then chosen based on their aesthetic merits and symmetry.   To give them a unique and up to date look, we have then customised them with sparkling swarsoski crystals.  Prices range from £150-£1000. For more photos or to find out dimensions and individual prices please contact us.

Silka Deer Antlers with Swarwoski Crystals, 51cm x 51cm.  Price £450  SOLD




7 pointed Red Deer Stag Antler decorated with Swarowski Crystals.

Measures 85cm height x 65cm width.


– meaning “powerful, gigantic dragon.” in Chinese – Country of Origin 

Rare Long Horned Goat

Lu-Long has been gold leafed and then painstakingly encrusted with over 6,500 Swarovski Crystals in different size crystals, ranging from 1.2mm right through to 4mm. By using the smaller crystals around the contours of his skull, you really accentuate all the natural curves and crevices of the skull. His antlers have been given a coat of varnish to highlight the natural dark colour and the beautiful golden highlights streaking through them.   We ensure that they are all ethically sourced and with little or no impact on the environment.  Lu-Long died of natural causes and was not killed for sport

The striking horns have beautiful stripes all the way down and are stunningly symmetrical.  Price is £1200.


Roe Antlers Decorated with Swaroski Crystals –

Measures 31cm height. Price £150 (just for the Roe Head)

If you are interested in this Chandelier, or would like to discuss your specific requirements, please contact Sacha either via our Contact Form or call 07931 303138

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