Pair of Stag Head Wall Lights

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A great pair of stag head wall lights.  The screw in bulb hangs from the Stag’s mouth with a mirror behind it to bounce the light off.

Dimensions 28cm height x 20cm diameter.


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The stags head chandelier is traditionally associated with the Black Forest region of Germany which is why many of them, in addition to the stags heads, also feature garnitures depicting cherries which we more commonly associate with the Black Forest through its association with Black Forest Gateau because of the abundance of wild cherry trees in the region.

They were made throughout the C20th but most date from the middle of the century. Outside Germany they are/were extremely popular in large Victorian houses and further afield in North America and Canada where they are highly sought after for hunting lodges as a more prestigious alternative to the North American antler chandelier which are made from real antler. Indeed the antler chandelier, early examples of which were handmade by hunters, is probably the origin of this style of chandelier.

They are extremely rare because they were used mainly in hallways and lodges and could only be afforded by the wealthiest of Gentlemen.  Now due to the very popular trend of taxidermy and the rarity of the Stag Head Chandelier, they have become a most sought after light and make a great focal piece.

If you are interested in this Chandelier, or would like to discuss your specific requirements, please contact Sacha either via our Contact Form or call 07931 303138

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